About 14|CO

Introducing 14|CO

14CO is a family run business that strives to provide only the highest quality products for the mountain bike market. We noticed that there were a lot of international mountain bike products that were not available to the Australian and New Zealand markets. We asked ourselves how can we get our hands on these products. We then approached these companies to make a purchase, only to be told they were not available in the Australian market. What was supposed to be an enquiry to purchase some of their mountain bike gear turned into becoming their distributor in the Australian and New Zealand market and started the creation of 14CO!

We have partnered with suppliers to bring you the best mountain bike products around. These products are produced by suppliers who are innovative and passionate about the safety and quality of their products as well as their brands. We look forward to sharing more of our story with you as our brand continues to grow. The adventure of riding brings all of us together!

Owner | Tim SPencer

Lover of things 2 wheels & speed related. He started racing motorbike at a very young age and was lucky enough to win a few Australian and State titles. Forced to hang up his racing boots from injuries (and age!) he changed his focus to recreational riding and starting a family. Anyone who knows a racer knows that the bug of riding never stops! So, he took the trails on a mtb and instantly found himself at home. These days you can catch him shredding up the trails in his token red colours.

14|CO Gearheads

Our Gearheads aren’t your average crew, they are devoted and a little crazy about mountain biking.

Our team understand that each rider approaches there outdoors adventures differently, as do we do.

We listen to your needs and will help you find the right product and fit, whether it be for a Sunday afternoon ride with the family, Saturday morning shred with mates or even a cheeky humpday ride.

Our Gearheads will have you covered.